Electrical Appliance Insurance

Electrical appliances can often be unpredictable. Outstanding Home Policies has an equipment breakdown coverage that will cover all your appliances, including refrigerator, freezer, range, dishwasher, central air conditioning, HVAC, heater, washer, dryer, and more.


Liability Insurance

Accidents can happen at any time. When there’s a claim against you, Outstanding Home Policies offers liability insurance to cover you and your family’s assets and investment.


Mortgage Protection Insurance

Falling short of your mortgage payment when suffering a covered loss? Outstanding Home Policies may be able to assist in those payments when you suffer a loss of use to your home.

Who We Are?

Your Wellbeing Matters

Providing The Experience that You Deserve

Your best of friends might leave you in difficult times, but we will always be there to back you. Outstanding Home Policies has earned a reputable name for itself by offering cost-effective and efficient insurance plans for its clients.

Providing the best insurance policies that satisfy the needs of our clients is just one of our attributes. Along with that, we go the extra mile and give you an exceptional experience that our client deserves. It’s due to this feature that we’ve maintained a high client satisfaction rate.



Our team comprises highly motivated individuals who leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our client gets the premium experience. That is why we will ask you some certain questions to assure you are completely covered.



With years of experience in the industry, our team has the exposure to understand what the client wants and suggests the insurance plans accordingly.



There will be no information hidden from you. We’ll make sure you understand every minor term and condition.

How we work?

Want to Purchase Our Insurance Plan?

We Follow a Simplified 3-Step Process



Make our first connection with you. With your permission, we will contact you through your contact information to go line by line with the coverages you need.



Suggest the insurance plan after understanding your needs and expectations.



Give you options to choose your insurance plan.

What Do You Have on Your Mind?

Our representative will enlighten you with answers you’re seeking.

Personalized Service. Customized Results

From the time you make the first contact with Outstanding Home Policies, we make sure to give you the type of experience that you deserve. Unlike many other insurance companies, you’ll not be bombarded with misinformation and jargon. You will tell us what kind of Homeowners insurance you’re looking for.

After you’re done, our qualified representatives will recommend the best coverage for your particular needs. We will never mislead you in choosing your coverage. That’s why we give you multiple options to choose from. We ensure to eliminate all kinds of miscommunication or confusion between us. We’ll explain each and every detail about your coverages no matter how insignificant they might be. When you’ve made your choice, we won’t make you go through long formalities. After a short and simple process, you can avail your desired insurance plan.

We Are Expecting to Hear from You

Looking for answers about your next insurance plan? We will make sure you understand the benefits and conditions of each insurance plan that we offer.

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